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Sponsor Info Hub

Welcome to the sponsor information hub! Here you will find year-round Conference for Women resources, forms you may be required to complete (as needed), and important information that will help make your sponsorship activation a successful and manageable experience.

NOTE: Please refer to your Benefit Tracker to see which elements you receive under your sponsorship.

Click HERE to download our W-9.

Branding & Marketing Elements

Logo Submission

Please complete upon receipt of confirmation

Please label your files with your company name (i.e. Company Name_Logo_CA-2022).

Contact Info Submission

Please complete upon receipt of confirmation

Career Opportunity Submission

Due Date: When Available

Ad Submission

Due Date: January 21

Please label your files with your company name (i.e. Company Name_Ad_CA-2022).

If Your Sponsorship Includes Thought Leadership

Custom Speaker Event


Additional Sponsor Elements

Exhibit Hall

Due Date: January 14

Social Media Toolkit

Social Shares Are Appreciated

Best Practices

How to Prepare Your Guest for Conference Day

Networking Virtually

Enjoy Conference Resources Year Round

Women Amplified Podcast

Speaker Articles

Conference Bookstore

JEI Resource Center

Join Us at Our Sister Conferences


Virtual Career Fair, Tuesday, 10/4/2022

Conference In-Person, Thursday, 10/6/22

Conference Anywhere (Virtual), Friday, 10/7/22

Pennsylvania Conference for Women logo


Virtual Career Fair, Tuesday, 11/8/2022

Conference In-Person, Wednesday, 11/9/22

Conference Anywhere (Virtual), Thursday, 11/10/22

Texas Conference for Women logo


Virtual Career Fair, Tuesday, 11/29/2022

Conference In-Person, Wednesday, 11/30/22

Conference Anywhere (Virtual), Thursday, 12/1/22

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