2021 Conference

2021 Conference Playlist

Need a boost? Tune in to the sounds of the 2021 Virtual California Conference for Women!

Stacey Abrams Says Self-Acceptance and “Wild Ambitions” Are Keys to Success

“Think small” is not in Stacey Abrams‘ toolkit. Almost turned away from the Governor’s Mansion in her home state of Georgia as a high school valedictorian who didn’t look like what the security guard expected, she vowed to return one day—as Governor—and open the gates to all. Narrowly defeated as the first Black woman to win a major party nomination for Governor, she galvanized a movement that would register 800,000 … [ more ]

The Iconic Jane Goodall Shares Her Winning Strategies for Creating Change

Jane Goodall’s unique style—which has been described as “genteel but impossibly difficult”—has served her well over six decades of groundbreaking work. From revolutionizing the world of science at the age of 26, despite having only attended a secretarial school, to continuing to teach a new generation of conservation leaders across the globe at the age of 86, Goodall is a legendary powerhouse. So, how does she do it? Here are … [ more ]

Barrier-Breaking CEO Ursula Burns Offers Her Advice about What People Need from Leaders Now

As a little girl, Ursula Burns—who would grow up to be the first Black woman to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company—asked a speaker at her elementary school a question, and he responded: “You know, you’re really smart but you have a lot of problems.” After she asked what they were, he spelled them out: “You’re Black, you’re a girl, and you’re poor.” Years later, she thought: If God … [ more ]