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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Conference?

The 2022 California Conference for Women was held virtually on March 2, 2022.

When does registration open

Registration is now closed!

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How much is a ticket?

Ticket pricing for the 2023 Conference has not been set. However, for reference, a ticket to our Virtual Conference in 2022 was $175 per person.

What does my ticket include?

Tickets to the 2022 Conference included:

• Live access to 2 keynote sessions.

• Breakout session tracks on leadership, personal development, and career advancement. Attendees have access to a choice of 3 (out of 9 total) 30-minute sessions on event day, including a Q&A with the speaker.

• Live access to the virtual Exhibit Hall, Bookstore, and Networking Lounge.

• Live access to 2 keynote sessions.

Plus, on-demand playback until March 31st:

Watch all 9 breakouts via on-demand playback

You will also be able to access the Exhibit Hall, Bookstore, learning bursts, author readings, resume reviews, networking chat rooms, and 1:1 career coaching through March 31, 2022.

*Career Coaching and Resume Review subject to availability.

Are there a limited number of tickets available?

There is a maximum capacity even for online events, and tickets did sell out last year.

How do group ticket purchases work?

contact does not have to be attending the conference. Next choose the number of tickets desired. After payment is processed you may enter all attendee names and emails right away, or you can wait until later to do so; you do not need to know who is using the tickets when you purchase them. There are no discounts for purchasing multiple tickets.

Who are the speakers?

Speakers for the 2023 Conference have not been announced. To get an idea of the caliber of speakers that we offer, check out our 2022 Speaker lineup.

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How many breakout sessions will there be?

Nine. We will offer session tracks on leadership, personal development, and career advancement. You can choose 3 (out of 9 total) 30-minute sessions on event day, including a Q&A with speakers.
Also, all 9 breakouts from the 2022 Conference will be available for on-demand playback through March 31st!

Do I have to choose the breakout sessions in advance?

No. The agenda will be posted on our website well in advance of Conference Day to help you decide which sessions you want to attend. But you don’t need to choose in advance or tell us your choices. Instead, at the time of each session, simply click on the session of your choice.

Is this a Zoom meeting?

No. This immersive and interactive environment enables attendees to network with each other, participate in Q&As with speakers, choose from simultaneous sessions, attend live keynotes with all attendees, watch author readings, and more.

Will the Conference be available for playback?

Yes. All 9 breakout sessions from the 2022 Conference will be available for on-demand playback until March 31st, 2022.

Other features, such as the Exhibit Hall, learning bursts, author readings, resume reviews, networking, 1:1 career & coaching, and bookstore will also be available until March 31st, 2022.

*Career Coaching and Resume Review subject to availability.

Can I buy multiple tickets now, even if I don’t know who will use them?

Absolutely! You can buy a group of tickets now and submit all attendees’ contact information later.

Will there be accomodations for special needs?

Yes. Reasonable accommodations will be made for attendees with special needs. If you or a member of your party has special needs, please send your written request to [email protected] no later than February 2, 2022.

Will there be closed captioning for all sessions?

Yes. All keynote and breakout sessions will have closed captioning on the screen.

Are group viewing tickets available?

No. One ticket enables one person to watch from their personal computer or handheld device. This is an immersive and interactive environment that does not lend itself to group viewing.

Can I share the Conference with my team?

No. A ticket enables one person to attend the Conference from a computer or handheld device. If two devices try to enter the Conference simultaneously using the same login information, both will be expelled from the conference environment.

If my plans change, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. However, you may transfer your ticket to someone else. Please remember by purchasing your ticket or a group of tickets, you are agreeing to the terms of this policy and forfeit your right to dispute charges

Are men welcome?

Yes! We believe that gender partnership is the surest way to create workplaces that work for everyone. While the majority of our attendees identify as women, men have been attending in greater numbers.

How do I become a sponsor?

Contact Development Director Wendy Morris at [email protected]

What platform are you using?

We use the 6Connex Virtual Event platform, the global leader in virtual events. This platform is a secure, cloud-based platform and is ISO 27001-certified. In addition, it provides an optional system check before the Conference to ensure your network and firewall compatibility.

Who produces the Conference?

The California Conference for Women is a 501(c)3 organization, Tax ID# 84-4171555

I have another question. Who can help me?

Visit Contact Us for a list of contacts who can help.