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Code of Conduct

Welcome! If you’ve participated in a California Conference for Women event before, you know what a special community this is. We are a nonpartisan group committed to women supporting women. And we believe deeply in ensuring that everyone feels welcome.

We value respectful, helpful communication that is free of judgment, prejudice, politics, or discrimination. In group discussions as well as private and public chats, we ask all participants to join us in adhering to these values:

  • Respectful communication—because that is the basis of strong communities.
  • Helpful communication—because that’s what supportive communities do.
  • Communication free of judgment, prejudice, or discrimination—because that’s what everyone deserves.
  • Communication free of partisan commentary or political endorsements —because that’s how we maintain our unifying mission.

Note: We also prohibit using discussions and chats for commercial purposes. None of us want 10,000 women to be trying to sell us things, after all, during what is intended to be an inspiring and informative day of personal and professional development.

In the unlikely event that a participant violates these guidelines, the California Conference for Women reserves the right to withdraw her registration without refund.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us keep the California Conference for Women a community all women can count on for support.