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Your Wellbeing Matters

There is no single version of what good wellbeing looks like yet what we all have in common is how foundational wellbeing is to our lives in and outside of work. Our wellbeing determines whether we show up as our best selves in the many roles we play, and is a critical investment in our productivity, resilience, and joy. In this session, Reema Ananda will share some practical steps from a leader’s perspective on supporting wellbeing in the workplace and making wellbeing a priority for yourself.

Reema Anand, Senior Director, Corp Eng Risk, Google

How to Manage Constant Change in the Workplace

Change is the one thing that life can guarantee, but it doesn’t have to prevent you from thriving. In this learning burst, Google’s Teena Piccione shares three things you can do to make change easier while allowing you to pivot and thrive. After listening, you will feel empowered to decide and take the necessary steps to create change and move your career in the right direction for positive growth.

Teena Piccione, Senior Director, Core PMO, Google

Strategies on How to Balance & Juggle Multiple Roles in Life & at Work

Balancing multiple roles in life and at work can be challenging, as it often involves juggling a variety of responsibilities and demands. To successfully balance multiple roles, it can be helpful to have strategies in place to manage your time and energy effectively. This session will share two frameworks: reconsidering work/life balance in terms of Adam Grant’s “Work/Life Rhythm” and weighing importance versus urgency in activities.  

Marisa Dolled-Filhart, VP, Translational Development TME TRC, Bristol Myers Squibb  

Navigating a Career Pivot

What happens when you have arrived at the job you always dreamed of, and you find it doesn’t fit – or it doesn’t fit anymore? In this session, Amazon’s Sally Kay shares lessons learned from two major career pivots. You will learn how to know when it’s time to make a leap and principles to keep in mind when shifting between industries or pivoting positions with the same employer. 

Sally Kay, Public Policy & External Affairs, Amazon

Tips to Transition to a Hybrid Work Environment

In this learning burst, learn about being a leader and a team member in a hybrid work environment from Dell Technologies VP Olanda Sharp-Buckley. She shares lessons about connection, self-care, and authenticity, whether you are in a physical office, virtual meeting, or conference call. 

Olanda Sharp-Buckley, VP, Customer Education & Technical Training, Dell Technologies

Resilience: Lessons from Career & Life Pivots

Are you where you really want to be? When you are working hard and feeling emotionally drained, it can be challenging to stop and reflect. Fidelity’s Michelle Vetovis shares three simple questions to ask yourself when considering a change in your career or life.

Michelle Vetovis, SVP & Regional Center General Manager, Fidelity Investments

Women and Financial Empowerment

Fidelity’s Ryan Viktorin talks about demystifying industry jargon and helping more women build the financial know-how to make confident decisions about their future. Learn about her simple three-step approach to identifying goals and starting to build a financial roadmap to achieve them. For more discussions about financial strategies for women, join Fidelity’s Women Talk Money community.

Ryan Viktorin, CFP & VP, Financial Consultant, Fidelity Investments

Growing Older, Better and Louder

Thriving in the second half of life takes a little self-acceptance, a big sense of humor and, according to acclaimed humor writer Wendi Aarons, an appreciation of age-appropriate fashion pajamas. After years of self-doubt, Aarons began to unapologetically chase her dreams and, in this session, will share her inspirational and hilarious takeaways about disregarding others’ expectations for you, pivoting careers, self-acceptance and how to become the person you never know you wanted to be. 

Wendi Aarons, freelance humor Writer & Author, I’m Wearing Tunics Now