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Career Learning Bursts

Cultivating Your Executive Presence

In this session, Johnson & Johnson’s Celine Martin shares her personal experience in climbing the corporate leadership ladder and how she was able to cultivate her executive presence along the way. You will learn strategies to quiet the artificial mental barriers that hold you back and walk away with tiny tweaks you can make now that will lead to big changes in your confidence, credibility and influence.

Celine Martin, Company Group Chairman, Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions Group, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Navigating a Career Pivot

What happens when you have arrived at the job you always dreamed of, and you find it doesn’t fit – or it doesn’t fit anymore? In this session, Amazon’s Sally Kay shares lessons learned from two major career pivots. You will learn how to know when it’s time to make a leap and principles to keep in mind when shifting between industries or pivoting positions with the same employer.

Sally Kay, Public Policy and External Affairs, Amazon

Strategies for Job Seeking & Interviewing Right Now

Employees are reporting record levels of burnout and decreased work-life balance since the start of the pandemic, leading many to leave the workforce in droves and reevaluate their career choices and lifestyle. As such, job searching has never been easier and according to Raytheon’s Natashia Laurant, it’s a candidate’s market. In this session, discover the key questions to consider around job satisfaction, compensation and culture before making a career move. Whether seeking a position within your current company or looking externally, learn easy and practical tips to help you maximize your job search process and ace that interview.

Natashia Laurant, Director, Human Resources Partner, Raytheon

Strategies to Better Manage Change

We have faced unimaginable monumental change over the last two years. From social isolation to the melding of work and home, we have all been impacted professionally and personally, especially women. Chetana Rao from Bristol Myers Squibb will discuss how the pandemic personally impacted her day-to-day and the creative ways she found her inner strength and resilience. Learn how to let go of the what-if, find a support system and prioritize self-care during this mini-session designed to offer strategies for coping during times of uncertainty.

Chetana Rao, Ph.D., Head, Site Strategy & Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb

Tips to Thrive in a Remote Workplace

Google’s Meagan Pi had to adjust to working remotely and onboarding within a new role leading a team all at the same time. While there are many benefits to working from home, there are also professional and personal disadvantages that come with this isolation. In this session, we will explore invaluable tips from across the globe to help you lead more effectively, leverage technology, improve your communication and relationships and prioritize self-care. Learn how to put these ideas into action and thrive as you navigate a remote or hybrid workplace.

Meagan Pi, VP, Privacy Governance and Programs, Google

Health & Wellness Learning Bursts

Every Body Yoga

Don’t miss this opportunity to practice with the internationally acclaimed voice of wellness, Jessamyn Stanley. In this 10 minute meditation and stretch, Jessamyn will help you find some peace and calm during your conference day!

Jessamyn Stanley, body liberation Advocate & Author, Every Body Yoga and Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance

Prioritize Your Well-Being

Women wear so many hats – both personally and professionally and the end result is a constant balancing act. This reprioritizing requires constant adjustment and sometimes we forget the most important person in the mix – YOU. Join this session to hear Sujata Kosalge share ways leaders can support the well-being of their teams. She will also offer four tips for letting go of perfection and prioritizing yourself to achieve overall well-being.

Sujata Kosalge, VP, Engineering, Google

SheFighter: How to Find Purpose through Adversity

Lina Khalifeh is the founder and owner of SheFighter, the first Self-Defense studio for women-only started in the Middle East and expanded to more than 35 countries. Starting from nothing – and on a shoestring budget – Lina built SheFighter into an internationally-known organization dedicated to empowering women physically, mentally and emotionally through self-defense. In this inspirational talk, Lina will share her personal journey from professional fighter to entrepreneur and teacher. Learn how unexpected adversity can lead you to a path of purpose.

Lina Khalifeh, Founder & Author, SheFighter

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