Women of Color Blazing Trails: A Conversation with Issa Rae & Laysha Ward

Issa Rae and Laysha Ward

Show Notes:

This episode is a special way to kick off Black History Month by bringing you an extraordinary keynote conversation between producer, actress and writer Issa Rae and Target’s EVP and chief external engagement officer Laysha Ward. This conversation happened at the October 2020 Texas Conference for Women.

Featuring two pioneers who are blazing trails for women of color and all women and girls around the globe, Issa Rae and Laysha Ward talk about many timely issues—including leadership, breaking barriers, race, justice and women supporting women.

“Unfortunately, part of the frustration is we’re going to have to do a lot of the work.

I think Black people have been doing the work to be recognized and to achieve equality and fairness for centuries now. But, while we continue to do that work, we have to have allies, white people specifically looking around and deciding to take action, deciding to hold one another accountable.

Progress is only going to come when white people can recognize that we’re not equal. We don’t have the same opportunities. We’re operating at a deficit.

It’s up to the people who understand existing systems to understand that and do something about it, and want to do something about it.”—Issa Rae


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James Clear on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

James Clear

Show Notes:

Habits are not a finish line to be crossed. They’re a lifestyle to be lived. They’re something to stick to, day in and day out. In this episode, leading expert and best-selling author on habits James Clear will help you keep those New Year’s resolutions.

Sharing proven and actionable tips, learn how to re-frame your thought process to focus on the identity you want to build instead of the outcomes. This small shift will help you form lasting habits within your daily routine all year long, allowing you to build a new normal, a new lifestyle, and sustainable, non-threatening change.

“Rather than focusing on the outcomes that you want this next year, focus on the identity that you’d like to build.

The goal is not to read 40 books this year, which might be a New Year’s resolution you set. The goal is to become a reader, to develop that identity. The goal is not to run a marathon this year, which might be the New Year’s resolution. The goal is to become a runner. The goal is not to lose 40 pounds. The goal is to become the type of person who doesn’t miss workouts.

The more that you organize your habits around an identity rather than an outcome, the more that you see the value in just sticking with it, even if it’s a small thing.”—James Clear, author, Atomic Habits


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Feedback Doesn’t Have to Hurt—with M. Tamra Chandler

M. Tamra Chandler

Many of our beliefs and ideas about feedback are incorrect and counterproductive and have been long distorted by our experiences. Feedback doesn’t have to be a dirty word that brings up feelings of self-doubt. Our ability to give and receive feedback can take our productivity to another level, especially with the added complexities of communication in the virtual environments we still find ourselves in.

In this episode, M. Tamra Chandler, the co-author of Feedback (and Other Dirty Words) will explore how you can recognize—and minimize—the negative physical and emotional responses that erode trust and shut down communication. Learn how to better give and receive effective, focused and fair feedback – and put these ideas into action right away!


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How to Create a Financial Roadmap for a Lasting Legacy

Suze Orman

Living in the midst of a global pandemic has forced many of us to think about our legacy and face our mortality much sooner than planned. How you set up your finances for your family to navigate short- and long-term will be a part of your legacy—for better or worse. As unsettling and uncomfortable as it may make us feel, it is something we have to deal with now—avoidance won’t make it go away.

In this important and timely episode, America’s most recognized expert on personal finance, Suze Orman, will arm you with tools and motivation to summon your warrior within, embrace this as an amazing opportunity to create a financial roadmap, and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Creating Your Authentic Personal Brand In These Times – with Yai Vargas

Yai Vargas

COVID-19 has greatly changed the way we network—requiring us to be more innovative than ever, especially with our use of technology.

So, how should you think about building a strong personal brand in this new environment? In this episode, Yai Vargas, branding guru and founder and CEO of The Latinista, offers actionable ways to create an engaging elevator pitch, have a strong presence on Zoom, effectively self-promote and forge powerful relationships so that you can accurately convey your unique value to your advantage now!


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“It’s interesting, growing up as a Latina, an immigrant to this country, I was always taught to be very humble. To be grateful that I have a job, to just keep my head down, work really hard and someone’s going to notice me and I’ll eventually get a raise and a promotion. Well, it doesn’t necessarily work that way in Corporate America as I found out. You have to keep reminding your boss about everything that you’ve been accomplishing throughout the year, because at the end of the year when your evaluation time comes up, your manager’s probably managing 10 or 15 others. They probably don’t know all of the programs you’ve run and excelled at. ”Yai Vargas


This Month’s Guest:

YAI VARGAS is a leading multicultural marketing expert with a niche in building marketing strategies and community engagement programs for Fortune 100 corporations seeking to develop programming among their diverse employee resource groups. She offers expert advice, training and development around executive presence, personal branding, LinkedIn and feminine leadership in the workplace. In addition to being a LinkedIn guru and networking ninja, Yai established The Latinista where she gathers and empowers Latina professionals in New York City, Miami and Chicago to upskill in career and leadership development via dynamic workshops. @layai


Our Host:

CELESTE HEADLEE is a communication and human nature expert, and an award-winning journalist. She is a professional speaker, and also the author of Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving, Heard Mentality and We Need to Talk. In her twenty-year career in public radio, she has been the executive producer of On Second Thought at Georgia Public Radio, and anchored programs including Tell Me MoreTalk of the NationAll Things Considered, and Weekend Edition. She also served as cohost of the national morning news show The Takeaway from PRI and WNYC, and anchored presidential coverage in 2012 for PBS World Channel. Headlee’s TEDx talk sharing ten ways to have a better conversation has over twenty million total views to date. @celesteheadlee


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