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Karen Grunberg

2024 Speaker

Learning Stage | Inside Out Living: Work-Life Integration

KAREN GRUNBERG has been at Google for over 17 years, has covered multiple functions including, product management, project management and chief of staff for many of Google’s well-known products including Google Chrome and Google Maps. Before Google, she was the head of technology for a small firm in San Diego and a vice president in technology at Goldman Sachs. She also taught 5th grade in the Bronx as part of Teach for America and has volunteered with Housing Works and NY Society for the Deaf amongst others. She’s also a CTI certified coach. Grunberg was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She moved to the United States to attend Carnegie Mellon University and has made the US her home ever since with brief stints in London and Tokyo. She has been with her husband for 29 years and has two wonderful teenagers. She spends her free time reading voraciously, doing art, rock climbing, journaling, and learning languages for fun.