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Lulu Garcia-Navarro

2024 Speaker

Moderator | Opinion Section Host & Writer, The New York Times, podcast Host, First Person & former NPR Journalist

LULU GARCIA-NAVARRO is a host and writer for the Opinion Section of The New York Times. She hosts the weekly podcast First Person, where she interviews people on all sides of the political spectrum on the issues of the day, from the roots of the parents’ rights movement to a teen giving up her smartphone for good. Garcia-Navarro spent 17 years at NPR where she was the host of Weekend Edition Sunday and the first Latina to helm a flagship show for the public broadcaster. She joined NPR’s International Desk in 2004, which began a distinguished career covering many of the world’s hot spots including the conflict in Israel and Palestine, the War in Iraq, the drug wars in Mexico, and the fight for the Amazon rainforest. Her stints in the Middle East, Mexico, and Brazil helped her win a string of awards, from the Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize for young journalists to two Peabody’s, a DuPont, an Edward R Murrow Award, and four Gracie’s. She’s also been recognized for her work highlighting Latinos in the US with a Cesar Chavez Legacy Award and a Ruben Salazar Award for Communications. She has interviewed too many people to name from heads of states to insurgents, scientists, singers, and celebrities. Proudly coming from an immigrant family, she grew up in Miami and became a US citizen in 2017. She is married and has a daughter, two dogs, and one very needy cat.