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Yana Tobelmann

2021 Speaker
Yana Toblemann

YANA TOBELMANN is a product specialist in corporate engineering at Google. She has over a decade experience leading client-facing technical project delivery. She plays a critical role, capturing the customers’ needs, working cross-functionally to design the right product features or integrations, and managing the technical teams to deliver the high value and impact customer service solutions. Tobelmann has worked in a diversity of industries and domains, including Information technology, public sector, healthcare, construction, financial, mergers & acquisitions, and automotive. She is passionate about creating opportunities to engage and amplify women in her community, be it at Google, the Bay area, and beyond. Outside of her “9-5”, she is a proud mama of two, keeping them active with lots of Lego play and outdoor adventures! Tobelmann earned her B.S. in civil engineering at the University of Maryland. @google