Celeste Headlee

Solutions for the Overscheduled & Overwhelmed Woman

Women feel a tangle of cultural pressures when facing down a to-do list — pressures that many men simply do not. Now, add a pandemic to the list and what do you get? A whole lot of women, pushed to the brink physically and emotionally as they try to juggle it all at the same time, with no break or escape. Overscheduled and overwhelmed women need solutions right now, and … [ more ]

The Mental Health Movement and Your Wellbeing

The mental health crisis has been looming in our country for decades, well before the pandemic hit. Covid-19 further exacerbated and accelerated the situation—for women especially, who have felt the burden in unimaginable ways at work and at home. This global crisis, coupled with the bravery of public figures like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka who are speaking openly and walking away, have led to a tipping point. It’s a … [ more ]

Staying Afloat Without Risking Your Career | That’s A Good Question

The pandemic brought new meaning to the “sandwich generation,” leaving women, in particular, stretched thinner than ever. This month’s listener finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation: She’s the family breadwinner caring for two young children, a husband with a chronic illness, elderly parents—and she just got a promotion at work. How can she manage to stay afloat and keep all these balls in the air without risking her career? … [ more ]

How to Connect in a Reconnected World—with Cal Newport

Overnight, technology essentially became our only means of communication. Face to face interactions – meetings, conferences, networking –  were immediately replaced with Zoom coffees, happy hours and team meetings. It took adjustment, but we adapted. Now, as we re-emerge and navigate a new normal,  many are struggling to reconnect outside of the confines of their computer screens and the safety of their home offices. This episode will explore how to … [ more ]

What to Do When You’re Chronically Underpaid | That’s A Good Question

Welcome to the first episode of “That’s A Good Question,” a new segment in which our host Celeste Headlee teams up with an expert to answer YOUR real-life work-life questions. In this episode, our listener realizes she is being paid less than her colleagues for the same work, with the same experience. Should she demand a raise? Throw in the towel? Take a road trip? Listen in to find out … [ more ]

Success, Leadership and Authenticity: A Conversation with Stacey Abrams

This episode is a replay of an amazing 2021 California Conference for Women Keynote Conversation with best-selling author, nonprofit CEO and political leader Stacey Abrams. Narrowly defeated as the first Black woman to win a major party nomination for Governor, she galvanized a movement that would register 800,000 new voters. Joined by award-winning journalist Lisa Ling, we will explore Abrams’ road to becoming a true pioneer. From her humble beginnings, … [ more ]

Malcolm Gladwell on Bold Leadership in a New World of Work

Managing in a post-pandemic workplace is more complex than ever. Leaders have been required to stretch their skills in unimaginable ways and swiftly adjust their styles to meet the unique needs of individual team members. Featuring renowned journalist and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, this episode will explore ways you can keep your teams engaged, productive and growing while also juggling the challenges that come with remote and hybrid workplaces. With … [ more ]

Think Again: Adam Grant on the Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

In this episode, Wharton’s top-rated professor and organizational psychologist Adam Grant invites us to examine the critical leadership skill of rethinking: learning to question your opinions and open other people’s minds, making you a stronger and more flexible leader in the process. In an increasingly divided world, too many of us favor the comfort of conviction over the discomfort of doubt. The result is that we can become siloed in … [ more ]

How to Turn Your Difference into an Advantage – with Tania Katan

Amazing “creative disruptor” Tania Katan has spent years sneaking her imagination into the office, using creativity to disrupt norms and turning her differences into her superpower. As a woman, breast cancer survivor, and a member of the LGTBQ community, Tania shares real-life experiences to help transform your mindset. You’ll be inspired to capitalize on your differences rather than striving for similarity, and leave a lasting impression so you stand out … [ more ]

Asian-American Women Pioneering the Path Forward: A Conversation with Awkwafina & Lisa Ling

Today’s episode is an exclusive replay of a 2020 Massachusetts Conference for Women keynote conversation recognizing two remarkable pioneers blazing trails for Asian Americans, and inspiring women and girls of all ages and backgrounds: award-winning writer, actress, and comedian Awkwafina and journalist Lisa Ling. With authenticity and vulnerability, Awkwafina shares personal experiences in navigating the ups and downs of her career and life, illustrating that everyone, regardless of success level, … [ more ]

How to Trust Your Voice Within: A Conversation with Glennon Doyle & Laysha Ward

“We’re always asking other people how we should live. And when you think about it, that’s totally hilarious because by definition, no one has ever lived the life we’re living. No one has ever lived my life with my experiences, with my pain, with my loss, with my skills, with my effort. Every single life is an unrepeatable and unprecedented experiment, which makes it hilarious. It’s literally like we’re asking … [ more ]

Suze Orman Answers Your Real-Life Money Questions

“Whole life insurance or variable life insurance or universal life insurance, or this new universal index life insurance that everybody is being sold right now are probably my top four hate investments that I have. I don’t like them. I’ve never liked them and I’m never going to like them, because do you think that there is an insurance company out there that’s going to pay you $100,000 death benefit … [ more ]