Charlene Li

Three Leadership Lessons from Stacey Abrams

“I’ve had opportunities to soar in leadership, and I’ve crashed and burned and over the years,” says Stacey Abrams, political leader, voting rights activist, entrepreneur, and three-time New York Times best-selling author. Along the way, she adds, she kept careful notes about the experiences, which led to her identification of three core lessons for leaders. Here they are: Embrace your ambition. I believe in embracing ambition and saying to myself … [ more ]

How Leaders Thrive During Disruption: A Conversation with Charlene Li

Charlene Li is an expert on digital transformation, leadership, and the future of work. She is the author of six books, including the New York Times best-seller, Open Leadership. Q: Your most recent book is the Disruption Mindset, which, coincidentally, came out in the fall of 2019 – right before our lives were massively disrupted by COVID. But as you point out, the word “disruption” is often misused, and I’ve … [ more ]