Nina Shaw

Driving Innovation in Times of Uncertainty With Silicon Valley Bank’s Courtney Karnes

Q: The events of the past year have been so hard for so many, and they also have underscored the power of innovation. How are you harnessing innovation? I am proud to lead a unique initiative called Access to Innovation at a unique bank, Silicon Valley Bank, whose clients are among the world’s most innovative companies. We see firsthand how innovation in medicine and healthcare, communications, frontier tech and so … [ more ]

One Small Word that Can Help You Advance Equity at Work

How can you speak up for equity in a way that brings other people along rather than risks an unproductive battle? Nina Shaw, the entertainment lawyer who The New York Times has called “The Hollywood Power Behind Those Seeking a Voice,” has one simple magic word: “We.” More broadly, she calls it “We Speak.” “It’s where I talk less about the personal situation and more about the organization,” Shaw says. … [ more ]

Women Making History: with Time’s Up Co-Founder Nina Shaw

“I remember one day I walked into a conference room and there was a older gentleman I had been negotiating with [over the phone] for an extended period of time. I walked over to him and he looked at me and he said, ‘I’ll have my coffee with two sugars.’” “And I called the receptionist and said, ‘Mr. So-And-So would like a coffee with two sugars.’ And then I sat … [ more ]