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The Exhibit Hall is organized into five sections, each of which offers attendees a unique experience—think mini-workshops, career coaching, women-owned businesses and local nonprofits.

▶ Career Pavilion

▶ Technology Pavilion

▶ Community & Learning Pavilion

▶ Health & Wellness Pavilion

▶ Women-Owned Business Marketplace

Career Pavilion

The California Conference for Women is proud to partner with Gilead Sciences to bring you this year’s virtual Career Pavilion—where you’ll find many opportunities to enhance your skills, network with peers, and connect with companies looking to hire women like you.


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Career Learning Bursts

Take in a few on-demand “Learning Burst” mini-sessions on topics ranging from leadership and success to happiness and authenticity.

LIVE! March 4th @ 3 – 4 PM PST (in the Career Resources booth)
Be the Brand Ambassador You (& Your Company) Need Now

This LIVE session is for anyone who cares about representing themselves and their company in the best light possible. Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a larger company, it’s never been more important to be a strong brand ambassador online, especially in this increasingly virtual world. This session covers the what, why, and how of empowering yourself or your team with personal branding and social media.

Amanda Healy, cIoT marketing leader, and social media expert @amanda_healy

3 Strategies For Leading Successfully In a Male-Dominated Industry

Working in a male-dominated industry provides unique challenges for women, especially women of color. Hyundai’s Olabisi Boyle has spent her career in automotive, technology, and financial technology, industries that are traditionally male-dominated. She shares the three strategies that have enabled her to lead with impact while growing herself personally and professionally.

Olabisi Boyle, VP, product planning and mobility strategy, Hyundai Motor America @hyundai

3 Ways to Find Happiness at Work

Being happier at work isn’t an elusive goal; finding career fulfillment is within reach, and it starts by shifting your mindset in some specific ways. In this learning burst, explore three ways to start changing your happiness quotient at work.

Teri Foy, SVP, research & early development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Elevate Your Career with Authenticity

Do you ever consider how you come across to others? In every interaction—virtually and in person—you have the ability to build your personal brand and elevate your career. But being true to yourself while building your career can be tricky. Michele Fox of Cohesity shares her tips for building your personal brand authentically by focusing on your interactions with co-workers, communication formats, and how you share ideas.

Michele Fox, director, major accounts, Cohesity @cohesity

How to Add Value in Your Career & Why It Matters

When you know how to define and communicate your value, you become valuable everywhere you go. Hyundai’s chief communications officer Dana White shares her strategies for building respect and accelerating your career by adding value and moving the mission forward.

Dana White, chief communications officer, Hyundai Motor America @hyundai

Leading Through Transformational Times –
Creating Your Future and a Future for Your Team

In the midst of leading through a pandemic and multiple crises, Bayer, one of the Bay Area’s biotech pioneers and a global life sciences leader, is transforming its Berkeley operations with facilities and technologies that speed the development and launch of specialty medicines. Three managers describe how leading through 2020 created new opportunities to connect with employees as a community sharing a passion for serving patients around the world as part of Bayer’s vision of “Health for All, Hunger for None.” And, they’ll share insights about how to propel your career forward that can be applied to any profession.

Lauren Rawlins, associate director, active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing;
Lisa Regan, interim head of biologics development / vice president analytical development; and
Yaengsaeng Xayavong, director, facilities management, Bayer

Lightning Talk: Level Up Your LinkedIn in 15 Minutes

Got 15 minutes? Join Amanda Healy, National Speaker and Social Media Expert, in this power-packed Lightning Talk to Level Up Your LinkedIn. Amanda covers 5 ways to boost your LinkedIn profile views, searchability, and opportunities coming to your inbox.

Amanda Healy, cIoT marketing leader, and social media expert @amanda_healy

Succeeding Without “Doing It All”

We know that “doing it all” is a fallacy, and yet taking off your superhero cape and finding more balance is tough, especially these days. In this learning burst, Yan Zhang of Thermo Fisher Scientific shares how to shift your perspective by compartmentalizing, managing expectations, and stepping into your power.

Yan Zhang, VP, general manager, microarray life sciences group, Thermo Fisher Scientific @thermofisher

Best Career Advice from CA CFW Speakers!

We asked many of today’s speakers to share the best career advice they’ve ever received. What they had to say will inspire and motivate you in so many ways. Check it out!

Coaches Corner

Don’t miss your chance for one-on-one “speed coaching” sessions with a coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Resume Review

Take advantage of the opportunity to have seasoned pros give your résumé a “checkup” and help you better position yourself in a changing market!

Career Resources Booth

From job listings from the national CFW community to expert-led audio recordings featuring “best of the archives”, the Career Resources booth is packed with the resources you need to advance your career! Also, available in the the Career Resources booth is the Career Resources bookstore as well as a live session about building your brand on LinkedIn with social media expert Amanda Healy from 3 to 4 p.m. PT on Conference Day.

Technology Pavilion

The California Conference for Women is also proud to partner with Google to present this year’s virtual Technology Pavilion—featuring tech learning bursts that you won’t want to miss!


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Tech Learning Bursts

Designing for Everyone: Building Products with Equity and Accessibility In Mind

No two users are the same, so how can products be designed so that all users can fully engage with them? In this learning burst, come learn about building more equitable and accessible products. Google’s Heather McIntosh Cassano shares her strategies for designing for everyone. 

Heather McIntosh Cassano, senior director, user experience, Google @google

Lessons Learned from a Virtual Transformation

In a year like no other, leaders like Jannie Affeld of Google rose to the challenge of leading complex cross-functional technology transformations during the pandemic. Come hear what she learned about navigating change, building virtual teams, and keeping employees focused while working remotely.

Jannie Affeld, director, finance systems engineering, Google @google

Build Your Personal Brand Through Social Media

Whether you are establishing yourself as a thought leader, business consultant, or influencer, social media offers so many ways to build your personal brand online. Hyundai’s Samantha Recchia and Eliana Campos-Dominguez share their top three tips for authentically and mindfully defining your brand on social media.

Samantha Recchia, senior associate, public relations, Hyundai Motor America
Eliana Campos-Dominguez, manager, rewards & digital owner marketing, Hyundai Motor America @hyundai

Community & Learning Pavilion

From the Conference bookstore to the Justice, Equity & Inclusion Resource Center, the Community & Learning Pavilion (sponsored by Juniper Networks) is packed with plenty of things to peak your interest!


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Conference Bookstore

Stop by the Conference bookstore (presented by Silicon Valley Bank) to view book readings by many of the 2021 California Conference for Women speakers, recorded just for attendees! Also, take advantage of FREE shipping on ALL book orders thanks to BookPeople!


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Justice, Equity & Inclusion Resource Center

Expand your knowledge and learn how we can take action together through anti-racism resources featuring speakers within the CFW community as well as external thought-leaders. Now more than ever, we stand together to join the voices calling for change and support one another to achieve equality for people of color.

Health & Wellness Pavilion

The Health and Wellness Pavilion (presented by Hologic) is filled with opportunities to help you pause and focus on your personal wellbeing. Gain new perspectives, pick up tips, find out how corporations and organizations are forging healthier communities, check out career opportunities in health fields, or click away from your desk and into a blissful retreat!


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Health & Wellness Learning Bursts

Empathy at Work

There have been many opportunities to practice empathy at work recently during this difficult year. And yet, given all of the challenging circumstances facing professionals today, how we support our teams has also required a new approach. In this learning burst, Lisa Welker-Finney, vice president of human resources at Boston Scientific Neuromodulation for Boston Scientific shares what she has learned about developing new tools and resources to support the mental, physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing of employees.

Lisa Welker-Finney, VP, human resources, Boston Scientific Neuromodulation @bostonsci

Invisible Illness in the Workplace

When our friends, family, or coworkers have a visible illness, we can quickly identify that they need support and offer resources and empathy to them. However, invisible physical and mental illnesses are much more difficult to recognize even though they need just as much support and compassion. Like visible illnesses, invisible illnesses can also impact employee productivity, work quality, and satisfaction. In this session, we look at the different kinds of invisible illness and how workplaces can facilitate a supportive environment for those that have them. No matter your role or position, there is something you can do to create a compassionate workplace for those around you.

Priyanka Rao, product manager, Roche Diagnostics Solutions @roche

Resilience in 2021

In a year filled with uncertainty, resilience has become essential. Johnson & Johnson’s Jennifer Lea explores two key building blocks of resilience that will help you to shift your mindset, and adapt quickly and productively in 2021 and beyond. Learn how to manage, recover, and grow from stress during this five minute learning burst designed to give you tangible strategies to help you build resilience.

Jennifer Lea, director, global portfolio management & innovation, Johnson & Johnson @jnjnews

Next Level Care: Safety & Health While Flying During a Pandemic

When it’s time to fly, there are practical ways to take care of your health on the ground and in the air—even during a pandemic. Learn about Alaska Airlines’s commitment to meeting and exceeding CDC guidelines with next level care and simple ways that you can reduce your risk the next time you travel by air.

Alaska Airlines

Target Lifestyle Lounge

Target and the California Conference for Women are honored to recognize extraordinary women who helped keep the state of California running by sharing their stories and celebrating their voices in the Target Lifestyle Lounge.

Women-Owned Business Marketplace

Join the conferences for women in supporting women-owned businesses in our virtual exhibit hall, today and and every day!


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