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Courtney Lansing

2024 Speaker

Executive Mentor | That’s a Good Question: Getting to the Next Level

COURTNEY LANSING has almost two and a half decades of commercial aerospace experience, and recent tech start-up credentials, and is passionate about building high performing teams that connect inside and outside of the business to drive results.  She loves delighting customers with new ideas and products that come from the diverse perspectives of her multi-talented teams. Career success has come by understanding what customer problems to solve and designing teams to best tackle those problems, always challenging the status quo.   Her success has been built on recruiting top talent, creating exciting career paths where sometimes none exist, and unlocking her team to charge forward. In her current role at Alaska, Lansing’s organization is further defining Alaska’s strategic plan to grow, validating revenue ideas through test & learn experimentation, partnering with strong companies outside of Alaska Airlines to deliver more value to guests, and delivering hundreds of millions in new product revenue annually.