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Stacey Kauffman

2024 Speaker

Executive Mentor| That’s a Good Question: Getting to the Next Level

STACEY KAUFFMAN is the Regional VP at Audacy. The simplest way to describe Kauffman’s essence is this: “I take what I do very seriously. I do not take myself very seriously.” In our current times, where there are countless divisions of “this OR that,” Stacey’s success in business and leadership has been built on “this AND that.” Soft skills and hard skills. Accountability and compassion. Push and pull. Art and science. People and process. Strategy and execution. Serious and fun. Strategic thinking, vision, collaborative spirit, transparent communication and servant leadership have made Kauffman a consistent contributor in leading change and innovation throughout her career, both for the organizations she’s worked for and with. Examples include work in marketing, sales, digital, data analysis, talent development, innovation, strategic planning, business operations and optimization, social impact and more.