Suze Orman

Suze Orman Answers Your Real-Life Money Questions

“Whole life insurance or variable life insurance or universal life insurance, or this new universal index life insurance that everybody is being sold right now are probably my top four hate investments that I have. I don’t like them. I’ve never liked them and I’m never going to like them, because do you think that there is an insurance company out there that’s going to pay you $100,000 death benefit … [ more ]

Suze Orman Has Some Advice for You: About Money, the Future of Work, and More

In a recent exclusive interview with the Conferences for Women, Suze Orman—America’s best-known financial advisor to women—was characteristically outspoken money, the future of work, and more. Orman, the author of 10 consecutive New York Times bestsellers and winner of two Emmy Awards, recently came out of a short-lived retirement to again advise women about a changing world. “We are entering a new phase of how one works within this world … [ more ]

How to Create a Financial Roadmap for a Lasting Legacy

Living in the midst of a global pandemic has forced many of us to think about our legacy and face our mortality much sooner than planned. How you set up your finances for your family to navigate short- and long-term will be a part of your legacy—for better or worse. As unsettling and uncomfortable as it may make us feel, it is something we have to deal with now—avoidance won’t … [ more ]

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